US_469027: The King of Rock ‘n Roll

Hello. I am glad that my consultancy work is wrapping up this week so I’ll have time to update as much as I like. Just a quick update today though as I have some paperworks that I want to finish before the deadline.
So anyway, last year, I received an Elvis Presley postcard from a Postcrosser who is from Jackson, Tennessee. 

The many faces of Elvis Aaron Presley, a cultural icon and the undisputed King of Rock ‘n Roll
I am posting this with special mention to Flo2008 who admits she is a HUGE fan of the King! Although Elvis was born in a small town in Mississippi, his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee where he grew up. Memphis is about 85 miles driving distance to Jackson where Flo2008 lives, which is about an hour and half drive.  
Flo2008 is definitely a fan through and through, growing up listening mostly to Elvis’s music. Back in Asia, in the Philippines, my parents also grew up listening to Elvis and, although not as avid fan as others are, my mother especially, was able to collect postcards and cassette tapes sent to her by her American pen pals. (You should see how my dad makes an impressive rendition of Elvis’s Hound Dog!*lol*) Amazingly, more than 50 years later, the King’s incredible popularity has remained high all over the world.

I can see why girls during Elvis’s time had fallen head over heels with him. I mean, just look at his image above – not only that he had a quite versatile voice, controversial unique moves (leg-shaking and hip thrustsaka, gyrations), but he also possesses the valuable assets making him the heartthrob of his time –  good looks, magnificent blue eyes and a beautiful set of long lashes, and a great skin complexion that obviously didn’t need an anti acne cream. My, watta guy!
The stamp used, on the right, is a 98-cent definitive stamp for international airmail featuring the state of Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park

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