Tunisian traditional costume for women

Hey, hey, hey… I have another postcard to post, the last one for today before I resume my apidextra research. I’m on a roll today, I know.

I have always been fascinated by the different traditional costumes of the world. Which is why, I have placed a request for postcards showing traditional costumes in my Postcrossing profile. Thankfully, I’ve received a lot with this theme so I thank them all for granting my request.

From Tunisia comes this postcard showing the traditional Tunisian costume for women.

In Tunisia, they have so many different styles depending on the region. Unfortunately there is no description or information as to what region the costume above is from. 
Reading through various sites, I learned that the essential part of the traditional costume is a “bent cut” tunic. The costumes are also made from wool, cotton, silk depending on the occasion. Very ornate embroideries, money wires, and other jewelries with intrinsic designs are used to decorate the women’s garments, namely, farmla (waistcoat), jebba and kadrûn (dress), takrita (scarf), qoufiya (cap), kmâm (“handles”), and qmajja (tunic). – Source
Once all these garments are put together it creates a lovely and very colourful costume! Wedding dresses are even more elaborate than this. With all the decorations on the garments, I wonder if it gets too heavy though. Nevertheless, it is wonderful showcase of the Tunisian culture.

Thank you, Noor, for this postcard!

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  1. This dress is from the city Ksour Essef, in the region of Sahel, the same region of Mahdia, Monastir, Sousse and Sfax. Each city has its traditional dress, all similar but always different. This is the black version, but there is also a red-purple version, which is more luxury and beautiful. Luckily for you my dad is from Ksour Essef, that's why I know all of this!

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