The sights of Toronto!

Was running errands again earlier this morning. There was some kind of emergency at home and I had to get the stuff needed to repair a busted water pipe. I hate going out unplanned, it disrupts my routine. I so wish there are on-call handymen to do the fixing stuff at home. You know, just like the toronto bathroom renovations or repair team that are available 24-7. But I digress now.

Of course, I took the opportunity to visit the Post Office again to check if I have postcards in my mailbox. Nada. But that’s okay, at least, I was able to go out of the house, had coffee and a bit of fresh air to keep things off my mind. 

Here’s the postcard for today, a postcard from a nice, 28-year old dude from Toronto, Canada:

The sights of Toronto. I love that apart from the various Toronto landmarks, included in the postcard is the familiar maple leaf and red-and-white colours of the Canadian flag.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada with five million people living in this multi-cultural and friendly city. It is also home to the CN Tower, the second highest tower in the whole world.

Looking at the postcard I can only imagine the vibrant city and the people of different backgrounds and culture who migrated to this country. With the influx of migrants, the demand for housing, rental or owned, must be high that there is also a high demand for work for toronto contractors. I am saying this because the sender has indicated that he works in the construction industry, basically handling toronto home additions in the company where he is working.

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