The amazing rock formations of Yehliu in Taiwan

It’s summer and so my featured postcard is none other than the place where most people go at this time of the year … the beach! This beach though is one of a kind…

From the northern coast of Taiwan, the breath-taking view of this coastline serves as the  backdrop of the fascinating albeit bizarre rock formations of Yehliu.

The unique rocks are concentrated at a region called the Yeliu Geopark – a 1,700 meter-long peninsula jutting out into the ocean and dotted with strange rock formation such as mushroom rocks, honeycomb rocks, ginger rock, pothole erosion and other appropriately named oddities. – Source:

The rock formation you see in the postcard above is just one of the countless rock formations that took shape naturally with the aid of the wind and waves for hundreds and thousands of years. Check out this site to see other rock formations in Yehliu.
I’ve seen online some pictures of the other rock formations in Yehliu and I must say they are magnificent! They are truly Taiwan’s natural heritage. The most popular one is called the “Queen’s head” and it does resemble the head of an ancient Egyptian queen. Looking at the rock on the postcard, the thought of a foam mattress keeps popping inside my head, hahaha. Perhaps my mind is telling me about something soft and fluffy compared to the roughness of the rocks.

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