Soksabay from the Penh!

Sorry for being inactive again. If only blogs can talk, mine would have berated me long time ago for neglect. To give you updates, so much happenings in the homefront lately. I can’t tell you in details but changes are definitely coming and preparations are being made. The monsoon season is upon us again, and the fun begins!

I did a few swaps here and there but I have been inactive at Postcrossing. Temporarily, that is. Once everything is in place, I will go back to it.

We recently got a lease for a new apartment outside the city. It is a mere 12kilometres from where we currently live but it is totally a different place. Semi-rural. It is close to the meeting point of the Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers. Very quiet. Large, green space for my dogs to run around and, more importantly, a place to develop my green thumb. We’re not moving out of our current apartment; we just wanted somewhere quiet to spend the weekends. So we have been busy packing stuff around, cleaning, and making sure the utilities are working fine. My husband is so picky about the lighting – nothing fancy on his mind but he likes a modern exterior lighting of sorts to add pizzaz to the new apartment.

Sadly, I haven’t been to the Post Office this week, and the week before. But prior to that, I was able to mail some to friends and others. So these postcards have probably arrived, or on their way to, Lithuania, Romania, and the UK. I do know that the postcard to Romania has already arrived 🙂 Just waiting for the others to reached their destinations before I sent out new ones.

What I’m up to

Sorry for the absence of posts here.

This is a cartoon strip from What's happening in India is definitely happening here in Cambodia.
This is a cartoon strip from
What’s happening in India is definitely happening here in Cambodia.

I live in an area north of Phnom Penh where the power goes out everyday, six-eight hours a day. Sometimes two times a day for additional 2-3 hours. It makes it difficult to update blog and do work, especially for people like me who depend on the Internet for my part-time job. It is sooooo effing hot; I could hardly get a thing done even if it means having extra hours off the Internet.

The message on the illustration on the right very much applies to where I live. There is no need to join the Earth Hour event because we observe it several times daily. Funny but very accurate and true!

Anyways, I try to while the time by arranging and re-arranging stuff at home. The other day, I rummaged my closet and segregated those that are still “wearables” from the ones that I can give away (still wearables but don’t fit me anymore). I even saw my old yoga gear and I was debating whether I should put it to the give away bin or keep them. I decided to keep them 😀

The next to-do thing in my list – is to re-arrange my postcards collection. They are currently in order, arranged alphabetically by country. However, if my mood is good, I’ll be arranging them according to themes. Which is really more complicated, isn’t it? I still have a boxful of unsorted Cambodia postcards that I have kept for so long. I had to beg off from private swaps because I could not afford the stamps at the moment. However, if swappers have something new or unique to offer me, I’ll be glad to consider 🙂

Cartoon Source:

Midweek Mail: Surprises!

I knew there’s always a good reason to drop by the Post Office and check my mailbox. Call it intuition, yeah, could be. But what happened is that I had a good feeling about going to the Post Office last Friday. Since it wasn’t in our scheduled errands, my husband was a bit irked that I asked him to drive a little further, to the Post Office. Unscheduled trips like this annoy my husband since we had to make a detour to the Post Office which is out of the way of the spare parts shop area where we were headed for a single piece of eye bolt that’s missing in his tool box. Turned out my instinct was right. Two postcards came unexpectedly from two good friends and the parcel from Turkey arrived! Happy head here.

These contain beautiful yarns from Turkey. A friend and I share this purchase. You won't believe how much we bought these for...  :)
These contain beautiful yarns from Turkey. A friend and I share this purchase. You won’t believe how much we bought these for…  🙂

Dumb ways to die – a public safety campaign in Australia

Has anyone came across this jingle already?

Sweet macaroons, I could not get it out of my head. The lyrics are just playfully foolish and catchy, the animation is cute but violent (in my opinion, it does bring home the message). It’s been playing over and over in head and I am in a state of constant humming the chorus since the first time I heard this jingle. I recorded it hastily in my trusty portable recorder, not exactly a new one and not like the best best h4n available in the market but it does the job, thank you very much.

So what do you think of the jingle? It’s a part of a larger campaign of Melbourne Metro to promote rail safety.

Midweek Mails: Postcards for 12-12-12

Now I can finally rest my right arm, take out the djarum from my husband’s stash and pretend to smoke it to celebrate the 20th postcard I finished writing tonight. Why the fuss? Well, writing postcards non-stop is NO joke! Also, tomorrow is December 12, 2012. That means 12-12-12, an auspicious date for some peope (especially to get married) and a once-in-a-lifetime event that most postcards and stamps collector are looking forward to.

So first thing in the morning tomorrow, this lot will be delivered, by yours truly, to the Post Office.

Hello, World! These postcards will be on their way to their destinations tomorrow.  I also have one packet going out to that nice lady in Poland.
Hello, World! These postcards will be on their way to their destinations tomorrow.  I also have one packet going out to that nice lady in Poland.

I don’t know how much all these cost – and I dare not to think about it – but still I’m happy to be able to send them out. They’re for friends who have been really good to me, sending me postcards and stuff without being prompted to. Most of them don’t know they’ll be receiving a postcard with the unique “12-12-12” postmark so… ssshhhh. This is going to fun! 🙂 I just hope that the Post Office won’t mess things up! Even if it means that I queue for a long time at the PO I will do so just to get a nice, clear hand stamp.

I find it fun when it comes to choosing a postcard that would best fit the person I’m sending it to. Besides reading their profiles, I also put myself in the shoes of the receiver with the main thought in my mind: would I be excited to receive this postcard? Only then I’d pick the card if the answer is positive. I’m a chatty person so it is no surprise that I’ve got a lot written on the back of the postcard, hah!

If you’re from the Philippines, Japan, Singapore, the USA, Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Poland, France, Isle of Man, Macedonia and Romania (gah, that was a long list!) and have been in constant communication with me, then one of these is yours. I wish I could send all of those who approached me for one but I am really sorry that I could not for budgetary reasons.

Midweek Mails: From the US of A


This week’s Midweek Mails (yup, I’m posting early this week) came from the United States of America – one from the state of New Jersey and the other from Maryland.

I actually received this some weeks ago but hadn’t posted yet. When I went to the Post Office,  I was expecting mails from companies where I requested brochures for computer packages but got more than what I asked for. The brochures also contained prices for wholesale printer services, lol.

It was actually a nice surprise to pick the mails that came from my US-based Miss Igorota sisters at the same time although they were sent separately and at different instances. I received a cute Halloween card from NJ and kawaii goodies from Maryland. Also in the same packet from Maryland is this gorgeous vintage necklace that I won from a blog giveaway promo and which I really like. Thanks Conell and Karen!

Just a wishful thinking…

Eversince the month of December started, I began feeling homesick and weepy. Maybe it’s the sentimental Christmas songs, or, my hormones. Or both! This feeling worsens every time I see my sister’s photos on Facebook. Last week she posted a set of photos of their apartment all looking festive and Christmassy!

It’s been twelve years… since I last celebrated Christmas with my parents. That long, eh? I was doing okay this week when, again, my sister posted a picture of her son in front of their Christmas tree, playing a psr s910 from guitar center.


Just kidding about the guitar but it sure looks like one of them. My nephew loves guitars and drums. I don’t know where he got that because we are not exactly musically-inclined in the family. When he was two years old he surprised everyone at home when he showed off his air guitar skills! To those who don’t know, it’s like playing the guitar but without the guitar, hahaha. Awesome, huh?

How I miss him and the two little munchkins (my nieces, his cousins). It’s been awhile since I last saw them. They only see me make faces (they love me for that!) on webcam these days and they blow me virtual kisses in return. Sweet. I should work on our schedule to visit them soon.

A thrift-hunting post

fox-motocross-jacket I know this is not a postcard-related post but… hey, please forgive the “girl-on-a-thrift-hunt” babble and indulge me. After postcard collecting, thrift-hunting is my next favourite thing to do!

Lookie-lookie here! I found this fox motocross hoodie at the Japanese Sakura Recycle Shop in Russei Keo the other week. It was a steal for only $3 bucks! Have look at the photo, it is obviously creased but very much unused and unworn. No signs of wear, tear and stains. It looks like a nylon racing hoodie, long-sleeved with front zip in black and gray combo of colours. It is lightweight and water-resistant with two zipped front pockets and an embroidered logo just below the chest area. This kind costs not less than $80 on ebay, so imagine how much it costs on regular stores. Is this a good deal or what?<

I think this is a perfect gift for my husband who’s planning to go on a cycling trip from Phnom Penh to Kep next month at the height of the rainy season. What do you think?


Today is October 9, and the whole postal world is celebrating the Postal Day. So to my friends out there, happy World Post Day!  For sure there’ll be lots of activities in other parts of the world to mark this occasion. Sadly, our Post Office is quiet, so nothing much to talk about.

A friend and I were chatting on Facebook over the kind of music we used to listen to in the 80s and the 90s. Oh, we had fun enumerating them one  by one, laughing while recounting stories, funny or otherwise, that go with the songs.

geisha playing traditional Japanese flute shakuhachi.img

We started our chat with a link to a Japanese traditional folk music (and then branched out to the 80s, 90s, and the new millennium). I have an eclectic taste in music that extends to traditional, folk types. In my opinion, the Japanese folk music is very nice and relaxing! However, I may like them but I have really no ear to discern what types of instruments are used, lol. I do know that the shakuhachi is Japanese flute that’s used in folk music and is traditionally made of bamboo. Wow, who would’ve known bamboos could create great music! I’ve seen one when I visited a museum in Tokyo back in the mid 2000s and it looks just like any other piccolo. Here’s a postcard I saw on ebay showing two geishas playing the shakuhachi. I want one for myself. The postcard, I mean.

Midweek Meet Up

This post is supposedly for Wednesday but I had other things that needed to be done first so this was postponed.A friend of mine from Postcrossing Philippines, Arlene of I love Postcrossing, came to the city, via Saigon, for a whirlwind tour. I feel bad because it was raining really hard on the day she arrived and the city was flooded. I could not meet her that time. I do not have a big house with spare room to accommodate her either. I wish had, you know, like the kind you see at Ocean isle Beach Real Estate.

That’s Arlene, on the right. Where else did we meet but at the Post Office!
That’s Arlene, on the right. Where else did we meet but at the Post Office!

postcard-booklets-for-postcrossing-phils-meet-upBut I digress. We agreed to meet the following day, but only very quickly, for she had a bus to catch at 10am. She didn’t even have time for coffee, but we made sure we had photo together :)Arlene has the sweetest smile! She has so much energy about her and her smile brightened the otherwise gloomy day when we met. She brought me some goodies from her hometown, thank you very much. In return, I asked her to deliver a small package – it contains two postcard booklets –  to members of Postcrossing Philippines, via my other friend, Willa, at Postcard Perfect. Postcrossing Philippines are going to have another Meet Up this Sunday and I thought the postcards would be a nice addition to their giveaways. I hope the postcards arrive on time and the members like them.