Sunday Stamps 067: Poetry and War


My entry for this week’s Sunday Stamps is from Croatia. This is an FDC sent by my good friend Tomi:


The above first day cover was issued by the Croatian Post to mark the 50th death anniversary of one of Croatia’s most prominent poets/writers, Ivan Goran Kovačić (21 March 1913 – 13 July 1943) . At age 23, he published his book, a collection of short stories, entitled The Days of Rage. His first volume of verse “Fires and Roses”shows an even more complete return to the reality of his native region, to childhood emotions, and to reflection on fateful events.

Aside from the stamp and FDC, a commemorative sheet was also issued.
Aside from the stamp and FDC, a commemorative sheet was also issued.

His best known work is Jama (The Pit) which ranks among the most celebrated Croatian poems ever written. He penned it during the war, while in service near the city of Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The poem was written out of intellectual and ethical responsibility that condemns fascist atrocities committed by the Ustaše. It has been described as a metaphor about the sufferer, martyr, and victim: “The sufferer is when a person without fault suffers. The martyr is when nonhumans torture a person. The victim is when the whips of injustice extinguish life. That is Goran’s metaphor. And his life.” His work is an example of anti-war poetry with messages against torture, mass murders and war crimes. Jama was studied in elementary schools throughout the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.  Death is a central theme in much of Kovačić’s poetry, however this is not a reflection on his life outlook. His melancholy subjects came from outside events—such as his own and his brother’s affliction with tuberculosis—rather than from an internal disposition toward the morose. Jure Kaštelan, one of Kovačić’s contemporaries, expressed that Kovačić was inclined both toward romanticism and realism in his poetry, and that Kovačić had an intense perception of life.(Wikipedia)

During the World War 2, he joined the partisan forces to set an example of an anti-fascist example to the world. He was killed by the Serbian Chetnik troops in 1943. Ivan was only 30 years old when he died but he left behind a priceless literary treasure to the his native land.

I’d like to share a part of Kovacic’s Jama (taken from the Poem Hunter) where the imagery is very vivid:

BLOOD is my daylight, and darkness too.
Blessing of night has been gouged from my cheeks
Bearing with it my more lucky sight.

Within those holes, for tears, fierce fire inflamed
The bleeding socket as if for brain a balm
While my bright eyes died on my own palm.

While played, I never doubt, God’s feathered creatures,
Reflected still in them, and clouds’ procession;
But all I felt were my blood–spattered features,
Bruised gulfs in that once brilliant profusion.

How radiant lay my eyeballs in my hand,
Yet from those eyes no tear could more descend!

Sources: HrvatskaPošta, Wikipedia.

Sunday Stamps 066: Gone postal


I’m almost late for our Sunday Stamps date! We just received a happy news – wedding bells are ringing for my younger brother. He and his bride are finally taking the plunge. That means we all are going home for this big, big day in December. Everyone is excited and we started looking at wedding dresses for the mother of the groom and for ours, too, hehehe. I actually found something I like – the style, the colour, and the price suits me – but it’s a site for  for plus size prom dress. Anyways, we still have months to prepare so I’ll surf some more sites.

Please excuse the girlish blab. Anyways, here is my entry for this week. The theme is the Post, post boxes, postal vans, stamps on stamps, or similar images. Here is my take:

The stamp above is from the "sender" theme of Deutsche Post's "Post" stamp series, 2009.
The stamp above is from the “sender” theme of Deutsche Post’s “Post” stamp series, 2009.

Please excuse the extra stamp on the left. I just like to include the postmark.

The stamp on the right is a part of the four in a series called “Post” issued by the Deutsche Post in 2009. The four images used in the stamps show the elements (original translation by Google is “universal services”) of the Deutsche Post: sender, Post Offices (both issued on March 2009), transport(ation), and delivery – it could also mean postal workers, I’m  not sure (both issued on May 2009).  For some reason, the information on the last three stamps only are found in Deutsch Post’s website (no English translation, too) and nothing for the one I have.

I apologise because I could not find info on the above stamp. Any corrections and/or additional info are very much welcome. So, instead, I’m just going to show you the pictures of the other stamps in the series. You may click the caption for information on the stamps but I have to warn you that it is in Deutsch language.

Serie "Post" - Postfiliale - Post Office Branch
Serie “Post” – Postfiliale – Post Office Branch
Serie "Post" - Transport
Serie “Post” – Transport
Serie "Post" - Zustellung
Serie “Post” – Zustellung

Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
Postmarked, München, Germany
Dated 18 November 2008

When we hear the word Oktoberfest, the first thing that ever comes to our minds is beer … Bavarian beer!! Oktoberfest is Munich’s most popular festival, and is also the world’s largest public festival held every year. Millions of beer-drinkers gather in this Bavarian city and guzzle more than 6.6million Maß (one liter beer mug) of beer. Now that is probably a world record! The postcard above is a perfect picture showing us what Oktoberfest is all about.

To those who are planning to take part in the Oktoberfest fever and experience the Wiesn mood, the next Oktoberfest will be from September 14 to October 4, 2009.

This was sent to me by a nice German lady, Birgit, who recently graduated from university. Birgit, good luck on your job-hunting!!

Faenza, Italy

These are the first two postcards I have ever received from Postcrossing (private swap). The sender, Roberta, is from Faenza, Italy.

Faenza, a town about 50kms away from Bologna, a wonderful city of art noted for its exquisite pottery production, especially during the Renaissance period.

Lugo Antica, Italy
Postmarked Bologna
22 October 2008

The above place, Lugo Antica, is just a few miles away from Roberta and she says she loves to go there as a flea market opens there in the main square once a month. I love flea markets, too, Roberta! I guess we would make a good shopping partners 🙂mountain flower, italyPostmarked Bologna
23 October 2008

Mountain flower, taken in Trentino Alto Adige, by Roberta herself while on holiday there. Aside from her passion for postcards, she is so much into photography. She loves taking pictures of flowers. I love it, and if I am not mistaken, it’s not found here in Asia.