Sunday Stamps: Words and numbers

Hello, friends. I’m coming back to Sunday Stamps again after a loooong period of hiatus. I hope old friends and new ones will find their way back here 🙂

Sunday Stamps from Moldova

From Poşta Moldovei, this was a 2009 commemorative-stamp issued on the 60th anniversary of the Council of Europe. It was affixed to the very first postcard from Moldova that’s in my collection. Moldova is one of the countries that are considered “hard-to-get” by postcards and stamp collectors. I happened to meet a Moldovan in one of the conferences I attended way back and quickly became friends before the event ended. Happy to say we still keep in touch up to this day 🙂

#A to Z Challenge: Heavenly bodies on stamps

AtoZ April2015Challenge

H is for heavenly bodies !

I have always been fascinated with heavenly bodies and the stories different cultures all over the world have about the night sky. They teach us about our history, geography, astronomy, the origins or the beginnings of our world, and our race. I have observed in many folk tales, we discover how we, humans, struggle to find our place in the universe and in the world we live in.

Here are two of my favourite stamps:

Botswana's Sky at Night: The Moon and the women of Setsana.
Botswana’s Sky at Night: The Moon and the women of Setsana.

References to the moon are ubiquitous in local cultures. This stamp depicts a Setswana group of women who, it is said, bring a gentle light to the home, unlike the oppressive heat of the sun. The lunar waxing and waning also coincides with monthly fortunes, the waxing moon being U-shaped, carries problems and diseases, whereas the waning moon spills theses misfortunes on the people. Here the moon is accompanied by the recent concatenation with Jupiter and Venus. “Maphatlalatsane”, the brightest celestial object after the sun and moon. (Source)

This is the complete set of Botswana’s Sky Night series issued in 2009:

From left to right: The Southern Cross and four giraffes; the meteorite and shamans shooting arrows; the solar eclipse and the magical lions; and lastly, the moon with a group of Setsana women.
From left to right: The Southern Cross and four giraffes; the meteorite and shamans shooting arrows; the solar eclipse and the magical lions; and lastly, the moon with a group of Setsana women.

The second one came from Finland, a beautiful black and white Europa-themed stamp:


The year 2009 was declared as the International Year of Astronomy. The theme year was endorsed by the UN and organised by the International Astronomical Union, with the slogan, The Universe – Yours to Discover. Here’s the complete set of stamps depicting a fantasy landscape with lakes and different heavenly bodies.

Imaged nicked off GoogleImages.
Imaged nicked off GoogleImages.

The stamp on the left bears a comet on its left side, accompanied by a lunar eclipse. The large planet shown on the stamp on the right is Saturn. I like Saturn the most because it looks more than just a lump of rock. It is amazing to see these heavenly bodies above us and with the help of modern technology, we can also see those that are in the far, far side of the universe. Imagine a starry night, or a moon-lit night, one can’t help but wonder about life and the vastness of the universe. It never fails to give me shivers, in a positive kind of way. Now, imagine seeing them up close!

Postcard Friendship Friday: Mgarr Harbour


Howdy, PFF friends!
It’s been a while, I know. Sorry for the long absence.

I have some many postcards worthy of posts but I could not find time to post them.
Now that I found a good system to balance my time, here I am again joining the PFF fun!

Here’s a postcard sent from Malta. It was sent through a swap I arranged from a postcard collector on Facebook. He was having a holiday there and offered postcards to those interested. Of course, I grabbed the opportunity.

Mgarr Harbour, Gozo, Malta
Mgarr Harbour, Gozo, Malta

The beautiful Mgarr Harbour is the gateway to Gozo.
According to an online article, Mgarr Harbour is bustling with activity due to the increase in the number of vessels using the facilities there. The harbour has a very scenic view – with verdant hills, cliffs and valleys overlooking the beautiful quay. Warehouses, stores, garages, and fishermen sheds are located right in the port and the broad square-like wharf is located at the foot of the hill.

To this day, Mgarr harbour is still the most important fishing base and provides the best winter shelter for the island’s fishing boats, while the adjacent marina hosts pleasure sea craft throughout he year.

Postcard Friendship Friday: Amazing Macedonia


Howdy, friends here at Postcard Friendship Friday? I’ve been away for too long, I know. Sorry I could not join you the past months. I’m returning to the meme, if you’ll still accept me :). Here’s my comeback post for PFF.


I have always been fascinated by the Balkans, not only because of the regions natural beauty but also because of their tremendous cultural and historical heritage. So it is no surprise that there was never a day that I daydreamed about visiting this region. In particular, I would really love to visit Macedonia. A friend of mine was a volunteer there and she was talking non-stop about Macedonia even she already returned to her home country years ago.

Macedonia is a country so far from where I am, yet I am lucky to get a glimpse of it because of another good friend, Ana (My World of Postcards). She sent me the above map card showing the many splendours and treasures that are found in her country with the national colours as the background.

Will I ever set foot in Macedonia, and meet my friend Ana? That remains to be seen. My heart is set on finding a way.

Sunday Stamps 088: Centenary or centennial?

They both have the same meaning but the former is used in the UK and the latter in the USA. Anyhoo, here’s one of my favourite mini sheets sent to me several years ago from the beautiful city of Talinn.

Celebrating the Centenary of Estonia's National Opera.
Celebrating the Centenary of Estonia’s National Opera.

Issued by Eesti Post in 27 March 2006, the mini sheet features stamps with perforations running to the edge of the sheet. Featured are the drawings of the Estonia theatre and concert building (Armas Lindgren and Wivi Lönn) and what could possibly be the present-day Estonia’s National Opera in the centre, costume designs for Evald Aav’s opera Vikerlased (Vikings) on the left with its musical notes providing the background of the mini sheet, and on the right is Estonian ballerina Helmi Puur in Tchaicovsky’s Swan Lake.Estonia’s National Opera was opened in 1906, first as a professional theatre called Estonia, founded by the directors and actors Paul Pinna and Theodor Altermann. Initially offering mainly drama, the theatre gradually opened its doors to musical productions. The Estonia theatre and concert building was completed in 1913 but was destroyed in an air raid by the Soviets in 1944. It was later reopened in 1947 after the war and, in 1998, was renamed the Estonian National Opera. (Source) The ceiling was painted in the style of Socialist Realism. Now, I’m curious to see what that looks like.

Sunday Stamps 087: Live Healthy stamp from Romania


Here’s a colourful stamp from Romania from its “Live Healthy” stamp series issued in 2012:


The Live Healthy stamp series, issued in May 2013, is a reminder of sorts and an invitation to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Shown on the stamps are grapes, tomatoes, peach and garlic.

Aren’t they pretty? Bright reds, yellow, oranges, blacks and whites – my scanner didn’t do justice to the stamp, my apologies.

The vegetables and fruits above have more to offer than their pretty colours – they are loaded with vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy body and mind. So let’s keep it in our minds, think rainbow when it comes to choosing what fruits and veggies to eat 🙂

Mulțumesc, Danut!

Midweek Mail: Surprises!

I knew there’s always a good reason to drop by the Post Office and check my mailbox. Call it intuition, yeah, could be. But what happened is that I had a good feeling about going to the Post Office last Friday. Since it wasn’t in our scheduled errands, my husband was a bit irked that I asked him to drive a little further, to the Post Office. Unscheduled trips like this annoy my husband since we had to make a detour to the Post Office which is out of the way of the spare parts shop area where we were headed for a single piece of eye bolt that’s missing in his tool box. Turned out my instinct was right. Two postcards came unexpectedly from two good friends and the parcel from Turkey arrived! Happy head here.

These contain beautiful yarns from Turkey. A friend and I share this purchase. You won't believe how much we bought these for...  :)
These contain beautiful yarns from Turkey. A friend and I share this purchase. You won’t believe how much we bought these for…  🙂

Sunday Stamps 084: International Women’s Day


This week’s theme calls for stamps that fit the theme “abstract”.
Quite challenging, I must say. I found one which I think fits in, if stretched a little bit. Here is a stamp from Spain issued in March 2011, highlighting the changes and progress made in the country towards  recognition of equality for women in all aspects of life.


It’s been more than a century since the world first celebrated the International Women’s Day every year. However, the present situation all over the world still reflects discrimination and inequality against women. But still, a lot has  changed and the women are continuing the fight.

In Spain in 2007, for instance, a law was passed on this subject compelling companies to adopt measures to prevent discrimination. To encourage and acknowledge the work of companies committed to the Ley de Igualdad (Equality Act), a distinctive seal is awarded to those who stand by the application of equality in their workplace, organizational models, services, products and advertising. Their logo, an abstract design, and their motto, “Equality in Work”, feature in this stamp.