Sweet stuff

A delightful surprise was waiting for me at the Post Office this morning!!!

Miss Igorota is carefully reading the notes on the parcel and smiled at me. The goodies came from Conniechiwa (Writings on the Wall)!

The packet’s filled with stuff that I really love! Without further prodding from me, Miss Iggy helped me in opening the packet. Excited much?!?

A scrapbooking kit by Mary Engelbreit. No more #noynoying anymore. There’s scrapping to do!
There’s a cuuute birthday card (I wonder whose is it for, hmmm 😛), a lovely, lovely scrapbooking kit from Mary Engelbreit, a huge world map from NatGeo, and a pack of chocolates (soon to be in my tummy, lol), too!!

Conn, you are very thoughtful and I’m humbled by your generosity. Madamo guid nga salamat! You surely know how to spoil a girl on her special day ^.^

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