Sunday Stamps 086: Seychelles bare-legged scops-owl


Hello everyone. I’ve been away from Sunday Stamps for a very long time and here I am again joining in the fun! My stamps came from the beautiful islands of Seychelles:


The Seychelles Scops-Owl (Otus insularis) was featured in the souvenir sheet issued in 2001 in celebration of Birdlife’s World Bird Festival. The complete sheet includes 5 pieces of stamps each with the same value of R3. On the sheet, it shows the logo of Birdlife International as well as well as the logo of the 2001 Birdlife World Bird Festival.

The Seychelles scops-owl is found only in Morne Seychellois National Park. This species also known as bare-legged scops-owl is a rare scops owl species. In 2002, the scops-owl species was listed as critically endangered species by the IUCN. Here’s the souvenir sheet.


It reaches a length between 19-22 cm. The wings are about 17cm. Its plumage is rufous brown and exhibits  black shaft streaks. The long grey legs are unfeathered – hence the nickname bare-legged scops-owl.  The eyes are large and golden yellow. The ear tufts are very small. Its call which sounds like a rasping “whaugh” with various “tok tok” notes can be heard from a far distance and in particular in the darkness. Its diet consists of geckos, tree frogs and insects (e.g. locusts).

Additional info and photo of the souvenir sheet from this site and about the scops-owl here.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Stamps 086: Seychelles bare-legged scops-owl

  1. nice to see several people coming back to Sunday Stamps just this very Sunday 🙂 and those stamps are just lovely!! I love owls! They are so cute and timid 🙂

  2. I like the alert owl in the tree! Thank you for joining us, wonderful to see you back. Note my upcoming themes, and it's always ok to interpret them broadly.

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