Sunday Stamps 084: International Women’s Day


This week’s theme calls for stamps that fit the theme “abstract”.
Quite challenging, I must say. I found one which I think fits in, if stretched a little bit. Here is a stamp from Spain issued in March 2011, highlighting the changes and progress made in the country towards  recognition of equality for women in all aspects of life.


It’s been more than a century since the world first celebrated the International Women’s Day every year. However, the present situation all over the world still reflects discrimination and inequality against women. But still, a lot has  changed and the women are continuing the fight.

In Spain in 2007, for instance, a law was passed on this subject compelling companies to adopt measures to prevent discrimination. To encourage and acknowledge the work of companies committed to the Ley de Igualdad (Equality Act), a distinctive seal is awarded to those who stand by the application of equality in their workplace, organizational models, services, products and advertising. Their logo, an abstract design, and their motto, “Equality in Work”, feature in this stamp.

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