Sunday Stamps 083: Italy’s national colours and symbols on stamps


From Italy, I have two stamps that came in recently. The postcard will be featured later this week.


The stamp on the left is a definitive stamp issued in 2011, if I am not mistaken. It features envelope taking off, leaving behind a trail formed by the colours of the Italian flag. At the top is the Poste Italiane logo…and the word ITALIA and the denomination complete the stamp. The map of Italy is actually  not part of the stamp; it is printed on the postcard. It made it look like the envelope is flying away from Italy, representing the mails that sent from the country 🙂

On the right hand is a stamp categorised by Poste Italiane as an alti-velori, or high-value, definitive stamp. Two squares inside a rectangular frame whose vertical edges are decorated with intertwined sections of ribbon supported by a bar, with the word “ITALIA” on the bottom edge. In the top square on the left, the profile of a woman wearing a towered crown, and on the right, the Italian Republic’s coat-of-arms. In the bottom square, the denomination “1,00” superimposed on the “€” symbol of the single European currency, set against a background of geometric motifs. (Source)

4 thoughts on “Sunday Stamps 083: Italy’s national colours and symbols on stamps

  1. I've seen quite of few of the Italian 'envelope' stamp but never tire of it, such a simple yet effective design full of movement. No wonder the designer Antonio Ciaburro had many stamps to his name.

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