Sunday Stamps 082: The heavenly bodies on stamps


Hey, there. I hope you’re all enjoying a great Sunday. Today’s spent for R and R after yesterday’s kite flying trip outside of the city. Needless to say, we had fun yesterday even if the sun was really scorching hot. We spent about three hours under the sun flying kites. And not just any kite – it’s a handmade-kite and attached to it is a camera rig. So we’re not only flying the kites but also taking aerial photos. My husband’s into kite aerial photography and every weekend we devote time to do just that. If you are interested, kindly visit his blog here – Kestrel KAP Cambodia. And please excuse the shameless plug 🙂

Now on to the stamp. I found several stamps that fit into this week’s theme but I had to choose only one stamp since I’m still feeling a little lazy after yesterday’s outdoor activity. I’ll make it up next time, promise.

Here it is, a beautiful black and white Europa stamp from Finland:


The year 2009 was declared as the International Year of Astronomy. The theme year was endorsed by the UN and organised by the International Astronomical Union, with the slogan, The Universe – Yours to Discover.

So in May of 2009, the Finnish Postal Service issued two Europa stamps, one of which I have above. The pair of stamps depict a fantasy landscape of lakes and different heavenly bodies. The stamp above bears a comet on its left side, accompanied by a lunar eclipse. The large planet shown on the stamp is Saturn.

Below is the pair’s souvenir sheet. The other stamp that I don’t hav has the Moon in the centre, with the Milky Way on the right side of the stamp.

Imaged nicked off GoogleImages.
Imaged nicked off GoogleImages.

It is amazing to see these heavenly bodies above us. One does not need a very high-tech telescope to do so, just look up to the sky one night and you’ll know what I mean. Especially on a starry night, or a moon-lit night, one can’t help but wonder about life and the vastness of the universe. It never fails to give me shivers, I kid you not.

But please, Lord. Don’t let these heavenly bodies fall on earth.

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  1. Imagine how exciting it would be to see comets, planets, and moons that close! Supposedly there will be a visible comet later this eyar – that is what my dad says.<br />thank you for joining in!

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