Sunday Stamps 081: Year of the Tiger


In 2010, I received a Year of the Tiger postcard from Taiwan showing a beautiful painting of a tiger, looking sinister.


This is one of my favourite postcards (and the succeeding stamp, too) from Taiwan for I was born in the year of the Tiger.
At the back of the postcard, affixed is a matching tiger stamp issued by the Chunghwa Post of Taiwan in 2010 to welcome the Lunar Year of the Tiger.


The stamp features an image of a tiger gazing ahead which. according to the Chinese astrology, symbolizes farsightedness, optimism, enterprise and luck.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Stamps 081: Year of the Tiger

  1. @Postcardy: I think the longer I stare at the tiger, I&#39;d be hypnotized in no time.<br /><br />@Ana: Amiga, yes, tigers and people born in the year of the tiger <i>(come mi, hihihi)</i> are actually adorable and huggable ;)<br /><br />@Marcie and @VioletSky: I agree with you both!<br /><br />@Willa: Go, go, sis 🙂

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