Sunday Stamps 074: Christmas stamps for TB


It’s less than ten days before Christmas and the mere thought of it makes me homesick, especially that our theme for this week is Christmas/holiday stamps. Missing my family and our Christmas celebration back home *sniff*I want to share with you a quaint sheet of 50th  anniversary Christmas Seal stamps from South Africa that was issued in 1979.


So many interesting stuff here in the stamps.
Kersfees and Kersmis means Christmas and/or Christmas feast/celebration in Afrikaans.

I also notice the presence of double red cross printed in all of the stamps. Turns out this is the Cross of Lorraine, which is the symbol of France. It was also adapted by the Tuberculosis (TB) Society as its worldwide emblem for many, many years. So, if my understanding is right, these stamps were sold to support the TB Society.

I actually have a complete sheet but the lower half is not in good shape as the stamps are glued to a paper. It was like already like that when I got them. I do not even want to try peeling them off one by one lest I might totally destroy the stamps. I guess you could say that the person who sent them to me are not exactly collectors but they’re very good friends of mine who surprised me with this from their holiday in South Africa. I’m very grateful for friends like them! Maraming salamat, Fe and Tony.

To those who are interested this is the complete set:

Photo of stamp from
Photo of stamp from

10 thoughts on “Sunday Stamps 074: Christmas stamps for TB

  1. That is an interesting sheet. I think that Christmas seals are more interesting than Christmas postage stamps, but maybe that's because they go back farther in history.

  2. @Postcardy, @VioletSky, @BobScotney: This is a very interesting sheet, indeed. Researching about this particular Christmas seal has introduced me to "Cinderella stamps". Christmas seals are actually a form of "Cinderella stamps", meaning they look like postage stamps but aren't used for postal purposes.

  3. I like the idea behind these stamps and the cause…I haven&#39;t heard of Christmas seals so far I must admit…the sheet looks great! <br />We have similar kind of stamps all throughout the year, and they do have their own price which however is not included in the actual postage but goes to different funds, like red-cross, anti-cancer, children&#39;s week, etc…

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