Sunday Stamps 071: International Year of the Earth


I had been putting off my Sunday Stamps post since yesterday because I was so engrossed in looking  at (and admiring) really beautiful websites on the net. How I wish I have the design skills to be able to give my blog, this blog, a full makeover. Since I do not have the moolah to hire one of the best website makers there is around, I’m going to take it upon myself to do the makeover on my own, slowly. But I don’t think the result would satisfy me, lol. However, if someone asks me what I want for a Christmas pressie, this is definitely what I will say without batting an eyelash!

It’s becoming hotter and hotter now in the city and there had been power interruptions the past couple of weeks. The road repairs in the Penh were rushed and were completed just in time for the ASEAN  (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Summit in Phnom Penh that started this morning. Aside from the heads of our ASEAN neighbours, the newly-reelected US President Barack Obama and the Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin is in town. They are also joined by Prime Ministers Manmohan Singh of India and Wen Jiabao of China for this high-profile meeting. So you could just imagine the preparations  made by the Cambodian government for this mother of all ASEAN summits!

Okay, on to the stamp. I have this simple but symbolic stamp issued by the Correios de Portugal in 2008:

It is a one in the set of four issued to commemorate Ano Internacional do Planeta Terra or the International Year of the Planet Earth (IYPE), in line with the UN General Assembly’s declaration of 2008 as the IYPE, under the auspices of the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014). It’s main objective, encapsulated in its slogan, Earth Sciences for Society, is to promote the importance of Earth Sciences to society at large and to raise awareness of the role of geo-sciences in solving the many problems that mankind faces.

Here are all the stamps in this series:


This stamp issue represents the four elements, set in circles, to remind us of the importance and beauty of the environment, and that which it is our duty to preserve, not only for ourselves but above all for future generations.


9 thoughts on “Sunday Stamps 071: International Year of the Earth

  1. can you come over to my blogs and do a revamp too amiga? ive been wanting a fresh new look for a long while..<br /><br />that is a nice set of stamps, and i like it what they altogether represent acually

  2. I seem to have forgotten about the Year of Planet Earth – so there really should have been more stamps for us to choose from, shouldn&#39;t there? I really like the set you have showing all the spheres.

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