Sunday Stamps 068: Manor houses in Poland


Below are two beautiful stamps from Poland that were issued in 1997 and 2001, respectively:

Here you can see the postmark of Krakow super-imposed on the stamps.

The stamps in these series, including the past years, feature mansion-houses that are now transformed into museums. The common factor amongst them is the fact that they’re all located in Warsaw. The mansion house on the 2001 stamp on the right, according to thePoczta Polska, is a late Baroque wooden mansion house reconstructed at the beginning of the 20th century according to a design of architect Kazimierz Skórewicz. It was moved from Moniak near Urzędów in the years 1977-85. At present it is the seat of the Museum-Castle in Janowiec on the Vistula River. Several wooden construction monuments from the 19th century were placed there as well. The mansion on the left is from Lopuszna. I do not have any other information about this mansion house though.

Just a thought, there are so many old colonial houses in Cambodia that lie in ruin. Sadly, preservation of old buildings is not a priority here. Old buildings are torn down to make way for something new, not necessarily beautiful buildings. If only government authorities would follow what the Polish did…

8 thoughts on “Sunday Stamps 068: Manor houses in Poland

  1. I was about to say, nice cancellation…and then the date and place caught my eye…is this my card actually? 🙂 If so, im proud of the postmark I must say :p lovely choice amiga…te-he-he :)))))

  2. I think almost every country suffers from this same problem of too many historical buildings being torn down.<br />I have these stamps, too, and thank you for the explanation!

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