Sunday Stamps 064: Art, Music, and Dance


So sorry for the late posting. I’m nursing a hangover from last night’s drinking, errr, celebration of our wedding anniversary.  I wanted to post ahead but could not refuse a drink (that went on and on) after a nice dinner… you get the picture 😀

Please excuse if I sound rambling in this post. So… let’s start the stamp showcase, shall we?

For the art category, I chose this 30c stamp from a set of six issued in 2007 honouring Belizean artists. The stamp below features one of the prized artworks of Louis Belisle.

Market Scene (1989) portrays a regular market day in Belize.

From Myanmar, formerly Burma, here’s a traditional musical instrument. It’s a drum called shan pot drum, locally called ooh si.

Valued at K50 (US$1=872kyat), it was issued between 1998-2000 and was one of the five in the series.

The music of Burma (or Myanmar) has similarities with and is related to many other musical traditions in the region, including Chinese music, Indian music and Thai music. These instruments are played in a musical scale consisting of seven tones, each associated with an animal that is said to be the producer of the tone. Each tone can be played raised, lowered or natural (corresponding to sharp, flat or natural), resulting a possible twenty-one combinations. (Source)

Here’s how an ooh si drum looks and sounds like (click the link) – Shan pot drum of Myanmar.

And last but not the least, a beautiful stamp from Cambodia featuring the Apsara dance, a classical Khmer dance, the indigenous ballet-like performance art of Cambodia.

I have written about Apsaras before and you can find them (click the link) here. And here’s a video of the Cambodian Royal Ballet  peforming the Apsara dance.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Stamps 064: Art, Music, and Dance

  1. A nice touch to have the dancers in front of Angkor Wat. Beautiful ballet. I like the colour they have chosen for the Belize stamp it complements the painting nicely.

  2. Thank you for visiting and for all your greetings. <br /><br />Viridian, yes, it is quite difficult to get anything from Myanmar. I have friends to thank for – they never forget me when they&#39;re traveling.<br /><br />Joy, the apsara dancers are wonderful to watch live. There is something mysterious about their aura and they&#39;re movements.<br /><br />Willa, yes. The fact is that the Khmer

  3. Hi Marcie, Aimee and Sheila, thanks for visiting. I try to make up for my not-so-nice posts in the past. I&#39;m glad you like them.<br /><br />Oh, thank you, Postcardy. I think it&#39;s the first time I covered the theme entirely, lol. Thanks for visiting. <br /><br />

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