Sunday Stamps 063: Design Italiano


Do these look familiar to you? Of course, they are everyday fixtures.

Design Italiano 2000 series. The maxicard and stamp was sent to me by my favourite Italian sisters who collect stamps and postcards. The stamp is part of the  six-Design Italiano series printed in 2000, featuring furniture and furnishings.

Every year there is a huge furniture fair held in Milan, Italy. It is considered to be the biggest in the design-calendar where thousands of designers and visitors eagerly await to buy and sell furniture and to keep abreast of the latest and hottest trends.

All the six stamps in this series depict most famous pieces in Italy.
On this particular stamp, you will see:

Top, left: Fourline chair by Marco Zanuso for Arflex, 1964; steel frame, lightly padded seat and back.
Right: 4825 stool by Anna Castelli Ferrieri for Kartell, 1979.
Bottom, middle: Name unknown tableware (perhaps an icebucket?) by Bruno Munari.
Bottom, left: Tolomeo lamp by Michele de Lucchi & Giancarlo Fassina for Artemide, 1986.

These modern designs are very nice. They have sleek designs and are lovely to look at and have at home – but I wonder whether they are functional and practical for my kind of lifestyle? 
Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good design and other aesthetics but there are just some furniture pieces that I find “mind-boggling”, for lack of better word to use. It’s always been difficult balancing between the form and function

Here is  an article by Justin McGuirk in the; he observes a situation unique to the Italian furniture design industry.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Stamps 063: Design Italiano

  1. that chair does look cosy…but as for the others, im not really sure how practical they are in reality 🙂 still, they make a nice stamp 🙂

  2. That stool looks like an instrument of torture! Interesting collection – I would never of thought of Italians for furniture design.<br /><br />This is my fourth attempt at the word verification; I&#39;m having a bad day on a number of blogs.

  3. what a wonderful addition to Postcard Friendship Friday! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog this morning. I wanted to let you know we have been and continue to pray for the people touched by that earthquake. What a frightening event. <br /><br />Take care of yourself, my Friend.

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