Sunday Stamps 062: Romania’s beautiful pottery and ceramics


Hey there, I’m back again. One week just passed so quickly!

The following stamps came in from one of the postcards sent to me by my good blogger-friend and fellow postcard collector, Danut.

Dan used two stamps from the same series of definitives issued in 2005 featuring Romanian traditional ceramics and pottery. The art of pottery is the one of the oldest in the world. The Romanians have successfully preserved a great diversity of their traditional pottery and ceramics, considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe. My mother loves this kind of stuff, specifically dishes, jugs and other outdoor pottery kind, and I know she would feel like she hit a jackpot if she ever owns even just one of the above!

The stamp on the left (1.00Leu) shows a wedding pitcher from Curtea de Argeş and, the one on the right (50Bani) is a ceramic item from Vlădeşti, Vâlcea.

Curtea de Argeş is a city in Romania situated right at the bank of Argeş River south-central of Romania and was known in the 16th and 17th centuries for the development of pottery. On the other hand, Vlădeşti, Vâlcea, is a commune in Valcea County also in the south-central of the country, one of the    popular ceramics centre in Romania.
I love ceramics and pottery (I, too have a thing about dishes, jugs, etc. – must have inherited this from my mum?) so when I received the postcards with these stamps I enjoyed them tremendously. Thank you, Dan, for opening to me a window to your beautiful country and tradition.

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