Sunday Stamps 056: The Menorah


Shalom, my friends.
I’m joining again the Sunday Stamps meme. The theme this week is any stamp received since May 10.

I have lots to choose from but I chose this very special stamp. It’s not every day that I get mails from this country.  My entry this week, is still fresh from the Post Office as it bears the postmark 18.05.12 of the Cambodian PO (I got it yesterday). More than that, I’m very much giddy because it came from the country dubbed as the Holy Land, Israel. It was postmarked 30-04.12 by the Tel Aviv-Yafo. 

I’m only going to use one of the three stamps that were affixed on the packet. Yes, I’m “stingy” like that 🙂

Here it is:
The Jewish menorah, a seven-branched candelabra used in Jewish temples and one of the iconic (and enduring) symbols of Israel and the Jewish faith.
Some people believe that the menorah represents the burning bush which Moses saw, as related in the Hebrew Bible (source). Others say that it is more than a suggestive symbol of the Light of God’s Word; it actually displays the sevenfold symmetric perfection of the Canon Wheel (source).  The seven-branched menorah should not be mistaken for hannukiyah, a kind of menorah that has eight branches (candle-holders) with a ninth set above the others, and is used during the Jewish holiday Hannukah.
Have you ever seen an actual menorah? Unfortunately, I haven’t yet. I know this will come as a surprise but there is a Jewish synagogue here in Phnom Penh.

The stamp above, in 30*-shekel denomination, is one of the two in the second Menorah stamp series issued in 2002. I was the lucky recipient of a packet full of great postcards and stamps from Tel Aviv sent by my email-pal Miriam. They are my first postcards and stamps from Israel!

דאנק איר, מיריאַם.Thank you, Miriam. I only asked for one but you showered me with more. For that, I’m so grateful and I will surely return the favour in no time!


Currency conversion

US$ 1 = 3.82555 ILS (Israeli Shekels)

7 thoughts on “Sunday Stamps 056: The Menorah

  1. This is a nice one. I am still hoping for an Israeli stamp.<br />I have a small collection of menorahs. I am not Jewish, but I like them and I have used them as candle holders during the winter (I hope that is not too sacrilegious!).

  2. I don&#39;t have any Israel stamps either. I didn&#39;t know there were different types of menorah, it certainly stands out on the stamp.

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