Sunday Stamps 055: Football on Indonesian stamps


I’m joining in this week’s Sunday Stamps again. I was busy reading articles about the side effects of myoripped and looking at accompanying photos when I suddenly remembered I didn’t have my Sunday Stamps entry yet. The theme this week is anything you wish, so here’s what I have:

Indonesians are passionately mad about football.

The above stamp, showing an image of that of a football player kicking a soccer ball, is one of the four stamps in a mini-sheet issued by Indonesia to mark the 2010 FIFA World Cup played in South Africa. Of course, I do remember this event very well.  According to the Philately News Online, this issue is the eighth issuance in the Indonesia philately history with the same theme.

I am not a fan of football – or soccer, if you’re American – but this is one theme that interests me.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Stamps 055: Football on Indonesian stamps

  1. Just at this moment my husband is watching a football match – and judging by how quiet it it, it's not going well. 🙂 I don't believe I've seen any British stamps featuring football. Yours captures movement very well.

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