Sunday Stamps 046: The Three Wise Men


Here is one Christmas stamp from an envelope that just arrived from Australia. A good blogger-friend of mine, the thoughtful Zam, now based in NSW, sent me a packet with several beautiful postcards and bookmarks. 
This is actually one of the five stamps issued for this year’s Christmas stamp set:

Valued at AUD$ 1.50, this stamp shows the Three Wise Men – Balthazar, Melchor and Caspar – on their journey to Bethlehem to worship the baby Jesus Christ.
Isn’t it beautiful? I think it is!
Without sounding too religious {or something to that effect), the story of the birth of Jesus Christ is one of the stories that I hold dearly in my heart. It has been told and re-told to me and my siblings when we were younger by my parents so that the meaning of Christmas wouldn’t be lost on us. And now that the family has expanded, the story is being passed down to my nieces and nephew so that they, too, know what Christmas is all about.

The illustration on the above stamp is something I have imagined the Three Kings to be – alit their camels, dressed in magnificent robes that befit their royal origins, and the guiding star, of course, shining brightest amongst the stars in a star-filled night.

The idea of collecting Christmas stamps from around the world excites me now. After receiving this and the previous ones from South Africa, I think I’m going to look out for others. I’ve checked the Post Offices online and its possible for me to order if I can’t get them from swaps. I wonder if it’s possible to place a special order or request for a stamp sheet or booklet printing of old or past issues of Christmas stamps?

Anyways, I would like to take this opportunity to greet all my blogger-friends and fellow postcards and stamps collectors a very happy Christmas. Here’s to a meaningful Christmas to us all 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sunday Stamps 046: The Three Wise Men

  1. The night sky really shines on the stamp, just as one would imagine travelling through a desert. I had not seen any of the Australian stamps for this year, they are rather good at them.<br />Happy Christmas

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