Sunday Stamps 045: The world’s first transparent stamp


And it’s from Finland, where else? They consistently produce really awesome stamps that never fail to awe most collectors, in my humble opinion.

The world’s first transparent stamp. Too bad you can’t see it (transparency) here.
I could not find any other information at the Finnish postal service site so I consulted Mr Google for more info. And I got what I was looking for:
With Christmas soon knocking on the door, Finland’s post Itella has issued a new stamp called Frosty Night. This innovative stamp is printed on a special clear film, and it is believed to be the first transparent stamp in the world.

The Frosty Night stamp depicts the atmosphere of a Northern winter night with a frosty snowflake, twinkling stars and aurora borealis in the background. The stamp is printed with blue shades on a clear filmic self-adhesive material from UPM Raflatac. The card or envelope behind the stamp then gives its own colour to the transparent snowflake and stars. – Source

The Finnish Post Office dubbed this beautiful stamp as the Frosty Night stamp, the first transparent stamp in the world issued in 2008. Too bad you can’t really see it here 🙁

Is it true that no snowflakes are alike? Who would know and how would they know? Oh, well, pardon the curiosity. We do not have snow from where I live and it will take some time before I get to see a real snowflake ^.^

9 thoughts on “Sunday Stamps 045: The world’s first transparent stamp

  1. Good on you for your researching! I am still figuring out how to find out any information on the stamps. This stamp would look particularly nice on some coloured Christmas card envelopes.

  2. Hi VioletSky.<br />What I do is look up the country&#39;s postal service online site {most countries have their online sites and are surprisingly updated) and locate the stamps/philately section. Some have really substantial info, others not much. Hope it helps you 🙂

  3. I love this Finnish stamp! The first time i got it I was actually examining it to see if it is really transparent :)<br /><br />I also wonder about the snowflakes and if there are no two alike…such thoughts give me a shiver :)<br /><br />have a lovely week ahead amiga….if you can&#39;t have snow, then at least i hope you have some good weather 🙂

  4. @Viridian, this is the only one I have despite the numerous postcards I received from Finland! <br /><br />@Bob: It makes me want to see snow more than ever now! Lol.<br /><br />@Postcardy: Yes, indeed, and fascinating, too. Who knows what kind of stamps the Finnish PO will come up with next.<br /><br />@Ana: Amiga, we may not have snow but we&#39;re currently having a lovely, cool weather sans

  5. Just like having a snowflake on your card:-) Finland is so imaginative with their stamps. We have just had our first sprinkle of snow on the top of the mountains here in the north of England.

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