Sunday Stamps 037 and 038: Two-in-one post


I missed last week’s meme so I’m going to put two entries in this week’s post to make up for my absence. Sorry, friends, I got so engrossed with stamping and that I had forgotten our meme.

Last week’s theme asks for stamps from mainland Asia. I need not look too far – I’m featuring an old stamp of Cambodia issued in 1984 when Cambodia was under the Vietnamese control (1979-1989). It can be recalled that the Vietnamese expelled the Khmer Rouge in 1979 and helped install a Vietnamese-backed Cambodian government.

Used but well-preserved.
No idea if this is a definitive or a commemorative but it does look like a commemorative issue of the 1st anniversary of the International Forum for Peace in Southeast Asia which was held in Phnom Penh in February 1983. Notice that the partially visible postmark bears the word “Kampuchea”, or, Cambodia. At that time, the use of French was common and the country’s official name République Populaire du Kampuchéa. Big, big thanks to my good friend thestampraider for giving me this and other old Cambodia stamps. She will soon be  blogging about stamps of Cambodia that she had collected out of several years of seeking far and wide, specifically the post-1979 Cambodia stamps. You can find her newly created blog here – Stamps of Cambodia.
Next up are stamps from Japan, under this week’s Oceania and Island-nations theme:
On top is a stamp showing one of the most popular sports in Japan. Baseball was introduced to Japan in 1837 and has been a popular sport ever since. Japan’s 33rd National Athletic Meeting in Nagano in 1978 was celebrated with a stamp showing a batter and catcher against a backdrop of Nagano’s mountains. (Source) No info on the one below. Help appreciated 😀

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