Sunday Stamps 033: My South American stamps…


… came from Venezuela, the exotic beautiful home country of my dearest friend, Luisito. He never fails to surprise me, sending me postcards (take note, it’s plural!hahaha) while on holiday.
Anyhoo, here are the stamps from Venezuela. They are commemorative stamps in honor of the Bicentenario de la Independencia Republica de Bolivaria de Venezuela (Bicentennial of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela):
Estas tres están entre los firmantes del Acta de Independencia de Venezuela (These three are among the signatories of Venezuela’s Act of Independence).  From left to right: Lino de Clemente, Archbishop Ramón Ignacio Méndez, and Bishop José Vicente de Unda.

Click here for more info on the declaration of the Independence of Venezuela.

The English text of the Act of Independence is here. Just an additional info, the Russian Post issued a commemorative stamp in 2011 congratulating the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on the 200th Anniversary of Independence.

 I remember the day one of his envelopes came at the same time as Christmas presents from family arrived, including the small box of item I purchased online from a bulk shea butter seller overseas. What a haul for one day!
Muchas gracias, mi querido, Luisito. The stamps you used gave me a brief history of your beloved Venezuela. Our countries have so much similarities in history and struggle for independence, among others. My forefathers, too, fought for our freedom from Spain.

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