Sunday Stamps 026: Flamingo dance on Danish stamps




Here are the stamps used in the Rotskilde Domkirke postcard I featured in this week’s Postcard Friendship Friday (see previous post):

flamingo dance on danish postage stamp


The stamp on the left is a self-adhesive stamp used to accommodate the needs of customers for stamps in supplementary values. It was issued as part of the four set in 2010. The stamp on the right is a special stamp commemorating the 150th anniversary of Copenhagen Z00 in 2009.  To mark the anniversary, the Danish Post issued a beautiful booklet disguised in zebra stamps. The booklet included stories and photographs of the Zoo (an important recreational oasis in the city, especially for families and kids) and sheetlets of four beautiful multi-coloured stamps, one shown above, featuring the flamingo dance.


The flamingos that strut around on the DKK 8.00 stamp live in the north-eastern corner of the Zoo. In the wild, the flamingos’ feathers get their pink hue from the microscopic crustaceans and algae that they consume. This is impossible in a zoo, so an alternative source of coloring has to be used. In the old days, the flamingos were fed paprika, but this proved ineffective and a special additive is now used. As soon as the air starts to warm up in spring, the flamingos start to dance. Stretching their legs and raising their heads high, they strut around, flapping their wings and turning their heads from side to side. This synchronized mating behavior ensures that the flamingos lay eggs that hatch at the same time. – Danish Postal Service

What gives this particular postcard more value is (aside from the cutesie smileys) the special red frank mark to the left to the left of the postcard. It’s written in French and the Khmer translation underneath it. It reads:

Journée Mondiale de la Poste (World Post Day)
9th October 1874-2008

I’ll try to remember the date for next year to get this special mark on the postcards for mailing 🙂

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  1. It&#39;s nice to receive postcards with special stamps on!You&#39;re so lucky!^_^<br /><br />re:I guess it’s called the Sanja Matsuri, a matsuri in Asakusa carrying a mikoshi^_^<br /><br />Thanks for dropping by dear!

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