Sunday Stamps 004: Hungry for Love, Hungry for Food




I had a bit of a travel emergency earlier this week so pardon the lack of posts (again).
I’m glad I came back on time for Sunday Stamps. This week’s theme is “any stamp you wish”. Easy, you say, but it was difficult to choose for me because I have a lot of favourites that I wish to feature right away. Since Valentine’s day is just a day away, I thought of featuring something that is an important part of Valentine’s Day, and other special celebrations…  and that is… food!

The stamp below features the scrumptious no caloeira a tempura, unmistakably a Japanese cuisine. I hope my translation is correct – otherwise, please correct me – it means low-calorie tempura.

It is one of the seven stamps and souvenir sheets issued by the Portuguese Postal Office in 2009. The series is called Sabores da Lusofonia – which means “Flavours of Lusophony”. I didn’t actually know what Lusofonia or “Lusophony” means but it sure does look delicious!

Sabor in the Bisaya-Hiligaynon dialect in the south-central Philippines (where I come from) means taste or flavour. Lusophony, I learned, is a collective word to mean Portuguese-speaking countries and territories. So the stamp series illustrate the dishes from Portugal and other countries who share the Portuguese language. Unknown to most of us, Portuguese is spoken as a home-language by more than 300,000 Brazilians of Japanese descent in Japan, known as dekassegui. A quick reference to the Wikipedia never fails to educate me every time!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Stamps 004: Hungry for Love, Hungry for Food

  1. Our special meal comes from Marks &amp; Spencers!<br /><br />Interesting stamp; I can&#39;t find anything similar in my albums – but the there are not many stamps from recent years.

  2. Goodness so much to learn in every post on Sunday Stamps. Don&#39;t worry – I&#39;ll have other weeks of &#39;your favorite stamp&#39; or &#39;any theme&#39;. Maybe next week since I didn&#39;t specify in my post!

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