Sunday Stamps 003: PoGOLite in outer space


I have to admit I took a peek at Viridian’s blog first  before deciding what to post for this week’s Sunday Stamps. Having missed two themes successively, this week I made sure my entry fits the theme.

Anyhow, here is my entry. I think a lot of astronomy enthusiasts were happy when the following stamp was issued by the Swedish Postal Office in January 2009 marking the International Year of Astronomy:

The stamp features the direction or path the PoGOLite gondola took as it zoomed off in space in August 2010 for a pathfinder mission in space. PoGOLite is a light-weight Polarized Gamma-ray Observer experiment designed to measure the polarization of soft gamma rays in the outerspace. The PoGOLite gondola lifted off from Estrange, Sweden  six months ago, and, I wonder if significant data were already collected and being studied now back here on Earth.  More about the PoGOLite here:  It’s amazing what our scientists can do now. If modern science can now conduct more advanced studies in the outer space, surely there is no reason why cures for all forms of cancer and other deadly diseases could  not be discovered sooner than soon.

Till next Sunday Stamps. Ta-ta.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Stamps 003: PoGOLite in outer space

  1. I had never heard of this before. I looked up to see if the UK published any stamps for the International Year of Astronomy, but no, and neither did La Poste in France. I wonder how they decide on their issues?

  2. zar, this stamp thing is making me drool with envy. i used to collect stamps when I was in hs and college. im seriously tempted to give it a go again..

  3. Never heard of it but it's interesting to note that this unique stamp was released. Well, I'm not more on the technical aspect but I appreciate the fact that the design features the PoGOLite gondola (or whatever you call it…). Though I'm not an astronomy enthusiast, I'd definitely collect this kind of stamp design!

  4. I always adore people who collected like stamps and stuff. If they had advanced study about outerspace, would they find a livable planet for us there? Visiting through bloggers exhange

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