Summertime fun!



Summer is here and the sun is proudly showing off every day.  So today, I want to share my friend Sari’s postcard – it’s one of the first postcards I’ve received from Finland that has no snow!

Sari said she had difficulty in finding a mapcard for me – my apologies, Sari. I would’ve accepted whatever you sent me, anyway, and so I really, really appreciate your effort. Nice people like her who go the extra mile without asking something in return are what I call Pecious Presents from the Big Guy up there. They’re definitely keepers in my book!

Sari is from Kemi, a town just below Tornio, but is not shown in the map. Kemi, although a small community about 25kms to the Swedish border, is quite “international”. I can only imagine the border crossing activities between Sweden and Finland.

The postcard shows the beautiful Finnish  nature come summer time. Absolutely beautiful and clean, very green, and peaceful. When the sun comes out after the cold, dark winter months in Finland, that’s when people shed several layers of clothings and people go out to enjoying the weather and engage in outdoor activities. They go fishing, camping, everything!

Back here in Phnom Penh, a lot of families, locals and expats alike, troop to the beach towns of Sihanoukville, Kampot, Kep and Koh Kong to escape the summer heat on weekends. Some go the opposite direction, to Siem Reap where there are other exciting things to do aside from temple hopping – such as riding in Hot air balloon flights! I can’t imagine myself hopping on a hot-air balloon and spend several minutes floating above the ground. LOL. And please, do not dare me to go

Skydiving. YET. I haven’t gathered enough guts and courage YET to jump off a plane thousands of feet above the ground. I get sick thinking about hot-air balloons, how much more skydiving? But I’m the adventurous type and these two are in my bucket list. It’s just a matter of time before I’d be able to conquer my fear of heights, I know.

Anyways, whatever it is you decide to to do this summer, just do it! We are in the middle of hot summer now but we didn’t have the chance to go to any beach yet. Let’s see  next month. Summer doesn’t last long so do what you’d like to do before the summer sunshine ends.

Before I end (promise) I just want to share a part of a popular song from John Travolta’s Grease:

Summer lovin’ had me a blast – summer lovin’, happened so fast
I met a girl crazy for me – I met a boy, cute as can be
Summer days driftin’ away, to uh-oh those summer nights

Enjoy your summer!

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