Today is October 9, and the whole postal world is celebrating the Postal Day. So to my friends out there, happy World Post Day!  For sure there’ll be lots of activities in other parts of the world to mark this occasion. Sadly, our Post Office is quiet, so nothing much to talk about.

A friend and I were chatting on Facebook over the kind of music we used to listen to in the 80s and the 90s. Oh, we had fun enumerating them one  by one, laughing while recounting stories, funny or otherwise, that go with the songs.

geisha playing traditional Japanese flute shakuhachi.img

We started our chat with a link to a Japanese traditional folk music (and then branched out to the 80s, 90s, and the new millennium). I have an eclectic taste in music that extends to traditional, folk types. In my opinion, the Japanese folk music is very nice and relaxing! However, I may like them but I have really no ear to discern what types of instruments are used, lol. I do know that the shakuhachi is Japanese flute that’s used in folk music and is traditionally made of bamboo. Wow, who would’ve known bamboos could create great music! I’ve seen one when I visited a museum in Tokyo back in the mid 2000s and it looks just like any other piccolo. Here’s a postcard I saw on ebay showing two geishas playing the shakuhachi. I want one for myself. The postcard, I mean.

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