Show me your six-packs, stripey!


This male zebra here must have undergone some good ab workouts and thus showing off his stripey abs to his rival! *lol* Okay, here’s what I’m talking about – another wildlife postcard from Botswana featuring one of my favourite wildlife animals:

Zebra, BotswanaThe information at the back of the postcard reveals one interesting fact about the zebras. During the mating season, male zebras fight over females. These sometimes fierce battles include rearing up on hind legs while trying to bite or kick their opponent. Now, you see the connection with the title, eh?

The zebras in the postcard are called the Burchell’s Zebra or the plains zebra, (Equus, Burchellii), or simply zebra to us laypeople. They are the most common type of zebra found in rich grasslands of Eastern and Southern Africa.  Wildlife experts describe them as being related to the horse because of their stocky build. They usually have white or cream coat with black stripes that continue down to the belly. Unlike the other zebra species, the Grévy and the rare Mountain zebras, the underside of the Burchell’s zebra’s belly is completely or mainly white. The mane is upright and striped to match its neck while the tail is also striped with a black tassle.

This postcard was sent from the Kuala Lumpur Airport with Malaysian stamps, of course:

Zebra, Botswana stamps Thank you, Fe, for the lovely postcards and stamp sheets you sent me.

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