San Joaquin, CA: The Valley of Abundance

This is one of the hand-me-down postcards in my collection. What a stunning view of the San Joaquin Valley and the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains in the background. Don’t you just love the wide, open space? Simply awesome!

Postmarked 26 Dec 2008, San Diego, California

The San Joaquin Valley is a huge valley in Central California and is one of the richest areas in the world. Some of the popular cities within the San Joaquin valley are Modesto, Fresno, Chowchillia, Delano, and many others.

The sender of the postcard once drove through this area on a regular basis. Her work as a state park ranger in the southern part of the state in the desert gives her a chance to come here often. On summer days, it could actually get hot and very dusty as it doesn’t get much rain often there. Her husband, she shares in her message, is into Medicare Supplemental Insurance business, a very lucrative and important industry. What he does is to provide information and choices, such as Medigap Plan L, to people from all walks of life. She says both their jobs are challenging; while she’s making sure that the state park is well-protected and keeps people informed about the natural, historical and scientific info about the park and its environs to the public, her husband provides Medicare Info. How about that? I think that’s interesting.

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