Postcard Perfect 055: The Return of the King of Clay


It’s been a long while since I last participated here at Postcard Perfect. But, as always, I make sure to come back whenever I can. Great thing that today isn’t as busy as it was in the past months.

Everyone’s busy making their wishlist now. I’m one of them. You know what I’ve been meaning to buy for myself? What’s on top of my list is a brand new speaker stands. And why you might ask? Well, it’s only 35 days to go before the Australian Open… aaaaand… it’s because this guy is coming back to the professional tennis tour after being sidelined for many months due to injury…

Muchas gracias mi querida. Rafa es el mejor tenista!
Muchas gracias mi querida. Rafa es el mejor tenista!

Rafael Nadal. More than six months of being off court, I sure wouldn’t want to watch his much-anticipated comeback match only to be marred by a lousy sound system.¬†This a Touchnote card sent to me by mi querida Ana. And you know how we both love seeing Rafa like this – smiling, relaxed, oh-so-guapo!¬† And don’t get me started on that dimples!

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