Postcard Perfect 054: Kek Lok Si, the Temple of Supreme Bliss

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I hope Willa forgives me for being forgetful about the Postcard Perfect meme. This week is no exception. The recent news of the tragic demise of a fellow Nagueno, Philippine Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo left me in sadness and without motivation to do anything. Running errands to pick up the translucent plastic business cards  that my husband took to the printers  three days ago had to be scheduled the next day at my request because I am just too not in the mood to go out.

Anyways, today I felt that I need to post lest I lose my visitors (ahem, just imagining I have). Here is a postcard from Malaysia:

Kek Lok Si Temple at night. Penang, Malaysia.
The Kek Lok Si Temple is one of the best known Buddhist temple sitting on a hilltop in Penang, Malaysia. It consists of a series of monasteries, prayer halls, temples, and landscaped gardens.

Founded more than 100 years ago by benevolence Beow Lean, a devout Buddhist from Fujian province, the temple was once given the name of “Huock San” (Crane hill) due to the hills resemblance of crane spreading its wings. – Source

Penang is one of the states of Malaysia and its capital town of Georgetown is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

One thought on “Postcard Perfect 054: Kek Lok Si, the Temple of Supreme Bliss

  1. The whole county is still mourning for the tragic loss which doesn't really surprised me at all. A great leader like him doesn't come very often and it's him (or leader like him) whom our country need the most to get out of the slumpy situation.

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