Postcard Perfect 052: The Free State of Saxon, Germany

Postcard Perfect New

A mapcard showing the whole entire Freistaat Sachsen, or the Free State of Saxon, in Germany.

The map card also shows the two cities of the Free Saxon state, Leipzig and Dresden (which is also the capital of the state), as well as the different places of interest spread across its ten districts.

Here are interesting information about the Free State of Saxon:

The Free State of Saxony (German: Freistaat Sachsen is a landlocked state of Germany, bordering Brandenburg, Saxony Anhalt, Thuringia, Bavaria, the Czech Republic and Poland. It is the tenth-largest German state in area, with an area of 18,413 square kilometres (7,109 sq mi), and the sixth most populous of Germany’s sixteen states, with a population of 4.3 million. Located in the middle of an erstwhile German-speaking part of Europe, the history of the state of Saxony spans more than a millennium. It has been a medieval duchy, an electorate of the Holy Roman Empire, a kingdom, and, from 1918 to 1952 and again from 1990, a republic. – Wikipedia

The Free State of Saxony represents an area of unrivalled natural beauty, a rich cultural landscape, and centuries old traditions. In addition to world famous craftsmanship from the Ore Mountains, people also maintain Sorb traditions, and the Vogtland dialect. – Source

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