Postcard Perfect 051: A vintage horse tram in Kraków

Postcard Perfect New

This postcard came in via private swap with a fine young lad named Sebastian. The postcard features one of the pleasure rides in Kraków, a vintage horse tram.

I think riding this vintage horse tram adds romance when sightseeing in Kraków.

Kraków is Poland’s second largest and one of its oldest cities. As a matter of fact, online travel sites say Kraków is one of Europe’s most beautiful and historic cities. 

The city is a treasure trove of centuries-old landmarks, specifically of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Landmarks  include its elegant Old Town and medieval market square, cathedrals, castles and dungeons, the vibrant Jewish quarter Kazimierz (where the Schindler’s Factory is located)  – all of which were included in the first UNESCO WHS list in 1978 as Kraków’s Historic Centre. In the same year, by the way, the Archbishop of Kraków, Karol Wojtyła, was elevated to the papacy as Pope John Paul II.

All of these above-mentioned landmarks are within walking distance from one another and the bulk of 
Kraków’s Historic Centre was turned into a pedestrian area. Getting around is easy and not a big fuss. Visitors can go on foot or rent one of these vintage horse trams, which is my choice of transpo if ever I go visit Kraków. As you can see it looks lovely and comfy and it is properly ventilated so ceiling fans are not necessary. It definitely ups the romance factor.

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