Postcard Perfect 043: Colombia’s Cartagena, the Heart of the Caribbean

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I’m having a bit of a dilemma right now, whether to sell my yoga stuff as I do not practice yoga anymore. Gathering dust in our storeroom is this nice yoga mat that I acquired two years ago from a garage sale. It still looks pristine and with the yoga mat bag in similar condition, both could still pass as new. Any takers?

Not to bore you with my domestic blabbers now, here is my first post postcard from Colombia:

Colombia’s Cartagena: Corazon del Caribe. The Heart of the Caribbean.
Also known as Cartagena de Indias. Cartagena of the West Indies.
Colombia’s Cartagena, a beach resort city located on the northern coast of the country, is one of the most fascinating port cities in the world. How many people you know have been to Cartagena? *No one, hehehe* Many travelers are probably put off going there considering Colombia’s history of drugs and drugs-related violence and mayhem. However, a lot of people find it’s beauty is too irresistible and are unfazed about it’s negative image. These privileged few who visit Cartagena came back with positive ravings about the place. The beaches are spectacular and the city is oozing with romanticism, culture and history.
Cartagena was named after Spain’s Cartagena and was an important Spanish colony in the region. The city’s colonial architecture, massive churches and charming plazas, a maze of cobbled alleyways make it great for sightseeing. No wonder it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You know what…? I can do away with all the schmaltziness of many, many Valentine’s Day in exchange for a trip to Cartagena! *wink*

Muchisimas gracias a mi querido amigo, Luis, por el envío de esta postal preciosa.

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