Postcard Perfect 040: Finland’s snow lanterns

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From the winter wonderland of Finland comes this snow lantern: 

Sent by Paavaliina
ID No.: FI_680448

Paavaliina loves snow and, as is the tradition in her native Kemijarvi, in the northernmost part of Finland (and the whole country),  they make snow lanterns. Winter-nights in Finland are filled with fairy-like lights from the snow lanterns.

I haven’t been to Finland {yet} but I already have this mental picture of this beautiful country, especially during winter.  Everything is covered in snow and there is not much sunshine because the sun does not go up for many, many hours during this time of the year. I can imagine that night times are very dark with flickering lights provided by translucent piles of snowballs, such as above. Imagine thousands of tiny, flickering lights on a cold, snowy, dark winter night? It must be a magical sight!

5 thoughts on “Postcard Perfect 040: Finland’s snow lanterns

  1. Interesting! Looks like cotton balls!<br /><br />Guess what? I received your card yesterday. Thank you so much. :)<br /><br />Hope you had a happy holidays!

  2. Arlene, you are right. They do look like cotton balls all lumped together. I&#39;m glad it arrived. I&#39;m going to make it up to you in the coming days :)<br /><br />Gen,it is very interesting. Most Finnish use candles to light it while others put electric lights (bulb) 🙂

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