Postcard Perfect 038: Dreaming of Finland

Postcard Perfect New

Why do I have the urge to grab my passport and board on a plane to Finland? The answers, my friends, lie here:

Beautiful sights of Finland for different seasons

Most of us think snow-capped landscapes when we hear the word “Finland” but, in reality, it has a whole lot more to offer, as you can see in the postcard. Aside from the fantastic natural environment, Finland also boasts of its fine architecture, rich culture and people. My dream is to explore Finland’s countryside with the help of a dependable vehicle and a trusty tom tom gps!

With a stunning and unspoilt nature and a sheer possibility to see Santa Claus in his homestead and the aurora borealis – and not to mention the fun of berry-picking every summer – I really wouldn’t think twice, if given the opportunity. Who’s coming with me? 🙂 

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