Postcard Perfect 031: Colourful macaws

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From Asia, we go to the beautiful South American continent… to the exotic country of Brazil.

 A pair of colourful macaws, from Brazil’s Amazon forest. (Postcard ID:  BR-162091)
Undeniably, Brazil has one of the most breath-taking biodiversity. I have to admit, I’m afraid of birds. I’m particularly terrified of their talons and humonguos, sharp beaks. Nevertheless, I admire their beauty, like these macaws on the postcard – the blue-and-yellow macaw (foreground), and the scarlet macaw (background). Macaws are large, colourful birds. They live in the thick, undisturbed rainforest of Brazil and feed on fruits, nuts, flowers, and nectars. 
These days, macaws are threatened because of massive deforestation. They are also being taken from their natural habitat to be sold illegally as pets. I believe these beautiful creatures should be left in the wild and not be taken as pets. 

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