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Ahhhh… São Paulo!  The sizzling São Paulo.
It is the largest city not only in Brazil but also in the western and southern hemispheres and home to the world’s 8th largest population. São Paulo is the business and industrial heart of the country and most popular for its large helicopter fleet and multitude of skyscrapers!

But away from the bustling and maddening metropolitan area is the Museu do Ipiranga (also known as Museu do Paulista), the oldest museum in São Paulo and an oasis of green that  provides a totally different feel.

Sao Paulo Museu do Ipiranga

             BR – 87759
Postmark 21 DEC 2009
Centro Commerciale, Barueri
The museum grounds has lush, well-manicured gardens, a spectacular fountain, and  a museum building with a Neo-classical architectural style. It was constructed in the 19th century right exactly where Brazil’s independence was declared by Don Pedro I of Portugal. The front lawn looks spectacular indeed and the ground is wide and beautiful. It reminds me of a venue for equestrian competitions that I used to watch on TV. I can imagine strong horses and their snappy riders in crisp uniform and matching helmets. But I digress.

The museum displays Brazil’s history through its vast collections of  documents, furniture, and historically important pieces of art, especially from the Brazilian Empire era.

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