Postcard Perfect 010: Enticing Estonia

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Today’s postcard is from…


… Estonia.

It was once a part of the Soviet Union, today, it is a member of the European Union and is officially known as the Republic of Estonia. It is the least populous member of the EU as well. Located on the Baltic region of Northern Europe, it is surrounded by its neigbouring countries of Finland, Sweden, Russia, and Latvia.

Its capital Talinn, is also its largest city. It is one of the few remaining walled cities of Europe and attracts visitors every year.

Its official language is Estonian which are quite similar to the Finns as Estonians are closely related to the Finns.

The country side and the islands, as you can see in the postcard, have breath-taking views and offers unique ethnic characteristics.

The stamps used were fantastic!

The one on the right is a definitive stamp issued in 1993 depicting friendship and love – oh, I am swooning! How cute is that to have stamps devoted to love and friendship? This particular issue was identical to the design simultaneously issued by the Finnish Postal Service. The Finns and the Estonians descend from the same forebears, and they have a close linquistic affinity.With just the narrow Gulf of Finland separating Estonia and Finland, there have always been lively contacts between the two nations.

The second stamp used, on the right, is a joint-issue with Chile. Incidentally, I love joint-issues and flag-on-stamps so this stamp is a double-whammer for me! Estonia and Chile, countries situated in different parts of the world, both have connections with Antarctica, a continent lying at a great distance from Estonia but relatively close to Chile. According to Eesti Postal Service:

In 1819-21 Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen, a Russian seafarer born in Estonia, became the first seafarer to circumnavigate the southern continent, coming to within 20 miles of its land mass. Since 1957 until quite recently Estonian scientists and logistic personnel have taken part in international research of Antractica. In 1995 the Estonian research vessel Livonia visited the southern continent. One of the two stamps features the emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri). Standing 90 – 120 cm high and with a mass of 20 kilograms, it is the biggest of the 17 species of penguins known to science. The emperor penguin nests in the coldest period of the Antarctic winter in colds of -60ºC. The male bird hatches the only egg for 62-64 days.

So there you go…
P.S. I love the new Postcard Perfect badge. It’s a product of MommyWilla’s creative mind and skills. You’re awesome!

6 thoughts on “Postcard Perfect 010: Enticing Estonia

  1. I only have two postcard from Estonia and it&#39;s the reason why I discover that this country exist, lol! My geography knowledge is very limited.When I first heard of the country name, akala ko it is located somewhere in African continent, of course,Wikipedia proved me wrong dahil nasa Europe pala ito, lol!<br />Thanks to Postcrossing dami kong natututunan about other country. <br /><br />I&#39;

  2. Tama ka, MommyWilla… Ako rin naman I learned a lot from Postcrossing. I think this is one of the fun ways to learn hihihi.<br />Yes, that badge is cute! Thank you.

  3. lovely card, must be very relaxing to see places like this, kahit sa postcards lang, hehehe! i have few from estonia at ang ganda talaga! anyway, sorry for super late visit…have a great weekend! 🙂

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