Postcard Friendship Friday: Knitting sheep


I really wanted to post something related to Beth’s theme but my scanner boinked for the nth time. So I’m posting this instead:

How adorable and zen-looking is this knitting-sheep?
How adorable and zen-looking is this knitting-sheep?

The year 2015 is the year of the sheep (or goat, depending on who you ask). This is a special New Year greeting postcard featuring an adorable, adorable knitting sheep surrounded by sakuras (cherry blossoms)!I have to thank my good friend, Clarissa, at Kizuna – Ties and Bonds of Love, for this lovely postcard. She’s one of the few people I met through blogging whose friendship I treasure. I may not update my blog regularly, or check my Facebook account to leave messages for her, but she never fails to surprise me with little things, like sending me postcards. She also knows that I love making things – I crochet and I began learning how to knit recently. Hence, this postcard.

One of the things I treasure the most are the friendships I’ve made – whether virtual or in real life. Friendships don’t come easily – it takes time and effort to build it. I am incredibly fortunate to have met friends who treat me the same 🙂 To Beth, and all my friends, thanks for the continuing friendship. Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. This is just lovely! Thank you so much for YOUR friendship! And thank you for posting. I love your posts–they’re always so interesting and unusual. Have a lovely week, dear one.

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