Postcard Friendship Friday 085: The footbridge of Saint Servatius

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I’ve been missing Postcard Friendship Friday for — how many consecutive weeks now? I can’t remember. Sorry, friends. Feeling a bit lethargic in this sizzling hot weather.

Yes, it is summertime again here and, as expected, we are experiencing frequent power cuts daily, including evenings. The supply of electricity is not enough to keep up to the demands of the city. Last night, while we were having dinner, the power went out again, hence, the candle-dinner, lol. Throughout our dinner, our conversation ended with a decision to find aa rechargeable batteries in the shops, and purchase them, for our torches and other emergency light sources. So, a bit late again but here is my PFF entry. It came all the way from the Netherlands sent by fellow Postcrosser, Stasele.

If you could see the blue arrow pointing to a very tiny building at the end of the bridge, Stasele said  it is a postcards and souvenir shop where she bought this card 🙂 Thank you, Stasele.

It shows a panoramic view of the Meuse River and the footbridge of Sint Servaasbrug (Saint Servatius). It is a beautiful 13th century arched footbridge that links Maastricht’s Binnenstad district on the west bank of the Meuse to the Wyck district on the east bank. It was built after the original bridge built by the Romans collapsed due to heavy weight from a large procession killing 400 people.

Stasele wrote at the back of the postcard that the Meuse River is their equivalent of the Mekong River. She also said that she crosses this bridge, on her bicycle, every day to work and that the bridge is only open to pedestrians and cyclists. It must be nice to be able to cycle to work and cross the bridge without any other four-wheel vehicles. I like cycling myself but with the recent increase in the number of vehicles and the increase in road accidents, I decided not to, for safety reasons. There’s just too much idiots driving around Phnom Penh these days.

Stasele and I met here in Phnom Penh in December of last year while she and her family were in Phnom Penh for the Cambodia-leg of their Asian holiday.

P.S. Interested in Maastricht Food 101?  Here’s a great postcard showing assorted Maastricht bread intended to tourists and probably expat residents. Also from Stasele.

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  1. It is SO great to hear from you again. I&#39;m glad you are alright. Strange to think it is summer where you are, when it is cold, dank and rainy here. Though yesterday the sun did deign to come out for a few hours! This postcard is just wonderful!<br /><br />Have a lovely afternoon and welcome back to Postcard Friendship Friday! It is such a delight. ((hugs))

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