Postcard Friendship Friday 077: Window to the Romanian Soul (Card #2)

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This is the second postcard from Romania that came from the Ferestre spre Suflet Românesc (Windows to the Romanian Soul) collection series.

The postcard shows a beautiful portrait of an elderly – she could be anybody’s mother or grandmother.

I requested Danut over at World, Come to My Home! blog to help me complete all nine postcards in the series. I’m glad he agreed! I’m forever grateful to him 🙂  Just like the first Suflet Romanesc postcard that was sent to me earlier this year, the picture is set on an oversized black border. There are also symbols with the printed words, Suflet Românesc (Romanian Soul). A corresponding folk poem is written in one of the borders. Here goes:

Nu uita-i că suflet zace         
Din pamânt în bradu-i ace     
Din grâu cel sănătos, Până-n cȋnele frumos          
Toate ȋs date, toate-s vii 
Om din lume tre să fii
Să iubeşti tot ce iubeşti
Căci viaţȋmbătraneşi.
At the back of the postcard is the translation to this beautiful poem:

Never forget soul dwells everywhere
Be it earth, be it leaf, anywhere
Be it silky wheat or loyal dog
They all have souls, even a log
You must be a man of this world
And all that loves you must not leave you cold
You should love before life in you grows old.

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