Postcard Friendship Friday 065: Window to the Soul of Romania

I am quite relieved and happy that I managed to finish running errands today. It felt like a huge block of stone was lifted off my back considering that I barely made it to the deadline of paying our bills. Serves me right, eh, having prioritized pleasure first before taking care of business. I’m just relieved that it’s done. Period.

I went to the Post Office last to pay the PO box rental and was surprised to see advertising leaflets introducing discount coupons, mostly for grocery items and electronic gadgets, stuffed in my box. So when I saw the coupons, such as  detergent soaps and sonicare toothbrush coupons on the leaflet, I immediately thought of my mother. She is such as huge user of discount coupons. I remember every Sunday she would collect the newspapers, cut and keep the coupons herself and make notes of her intended purchases. I have to admit though, I’m actually becoming like her now (gah, lol). I keep tabs (erm, bookmarks, that is) of discount coupons, online mostly. 

Please excuse my blabberings. I am just chatty today, that’s why. I came home in a good mood so I was able to scan postcards for posting this week and the next.

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This week, I’m delighted to share with you my Postcard Friendship Friday. It came from far away Romania:

Peasant life in Romania. Many thanks to Danut for this lovely postcard.

I love it. This is one of the nine postcards from the Ferestre spre Suflet Românesc (Windows to the Romanian Soul) collection. The pictures are all authentic and perfectly captured, not a staged one.|

There’s so much to love about this postcard.
Firstly, it shows the working clothes of a peasant in Romania. Danut said this type of clothes are specific to Transylvania (many of us, including myself, know very little of Transylvania and it’s only limited to the story of Count Dracula). Secondly, I like the similarity between the rural people in Cambodia and Romania, specifically in the use of oxen and the cart in their daily lives, which are considered important and valuable farming “equipment” in both countries, albeit not so modern in the eyes of many. Thirdly, the folk-inspired poem in Romanian language is just beautiful. Here I’m sharing you the poem in Romanian and a translation of it in English which is written at the back of the postcard:

 La apus sub soare blând                           In the sunset’s mellow sun

Cu vecinu tăt lucrând                                Our daily work we never shun

Strangem tăt ce da pământu                      We gather swiftly all the crops

Şi cu furca şi cu gându                        The mind’s not idle, the arm never drops

De la dumnezău cel sfântu.                  We pray that the Lord’s gifts never stop.

This is my first postcard from Romania. Vă mulţumesc foarte mult, Danut. By the way, the second postcard has arrived ^.^ and I will post it sometime soon.

6 thoughts on “Postcard Friendship Friday 065: Window to the Soul of Romania

  1. Transylvania sounds like something out from a mythical book. :)<br /><br />This card and the poem makes me nostalgic. It reminds me of my grandfather, his water buffalo and wooden carriage, humming a tune while he prepares for the ricefield work. Aww…I&#39;m almost teary-eyed!<br /><br />*dramatic mode*

  2. Hi Lostforwords. Thank you for your visit and I can picture your grandfather in my head. I share the same sentiment! This kind of postcard is truly worth collecting.

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