Postcard Friendship Friday 059: Bula, from Fiji!

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I just received this postcard showing a stunning sunset in Fiji! It was sent by my le Fab friend and town-mate (he blogs over at Jogels) who was on an equally fab holiday in the beautiful South Pacific islands of Fiji, the home of the pearly shells.

One of the most awe-inspiring sunsets I have ever seen. So serene, so mysterious.

Did you know that most of Fiji’s islands were formed through volcanic activities starting around 150millions years ago? I know, I can’t imagine the time element involved in the creation of these beautiful islands, can you?  It’s been said that geothermal activities still happen in Vanua Levu and Taveuni.  Who knows, Fiji will still expand or there’ll be more new islands that will be formed out of this natural activities in the future.

In the 17th ad 18th centuries, the Dutch and the British explored the islands but it was the British that occupied Fiji lasting up to a century.

Salamat, my friend. This is my first and only postcard from Fiji and from the region of Oceania.

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