Postcard Friendship Friday 042: The Cathedral of Roskilde

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This is my first postcard from Denmark – a snazzy illustration of the Roskilde Domkirke, or the Roskilde Cathedral on the city of Roskilde in the island of Sjælland (Zealand), located in the eastern part of Denmark.


Rotskilde Cathedral, Denmark

Built in the 12th-13th century, this is a cathedral of the Lutheran Church of Denmark and displays a mixture of Gothic and Romanesque architectural styles in its design. Originally, the Romskilde church was a Catholic cathedral but changed during the reformation period in 1536 to Protestant.


Romskilde was once the capital of Denmark for many centuries until the Danish Royal Family moved it to Copenhagen. Since the Reformation, Rotskilde Cathedral has been the burial site for the monarchs and a few medieval rulers, too.

The Cathedral is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995 and, as a tourist attraction, receives hundreds and thousands of visitors every year. The Cathedral is made of bricks and the iconic spires dominate the town’s skyline. Its high, white ceilings are decorated with red crests in each section.  The main attraction is the Chapel of Christian IV. The chapel, which houses his tomb as well as his queen, crown prince Frederick III and his queen, showcases walls painted in lush murals and the ceiling in blue with gold stars reminiscent of the Sainte Chapelle in Paris. The altar has a three-sectioned gold altarpiece that was made in Antwerp in mid 16th century is one of the church’s great treasures. It depicts Jesus Christ’s Way of the Cross.


By the way, the Cathedral is home to the world-famous boys’ choirs, the Roskilde Cathedral Boys’ Choir. The sender said  Rotskilde Domkirke is an amazing church and a must-visit when in Roskilde! She bought this postcard from a stall inside the Cathedral.



Wikipedia – fantastic photos here, too.   

7 thoughts on “Postcard Friendship Friday 042: The Cathedral of Roskilde

  1. This is a really beautiful card. I love blue and white at the best of times but this is so interesting too. <br /><br />About the T de F, I watched it on TV though it did go through our area. One year it even went through our village – great excitement !

  2. A glorious postcard. The antiquity of buildings in Europe is awesome. And the fact that they built such beautiful churches and buildings without the equipment of today boggles my mind. Happy PFF!

  3. Great card. At first I thought it was a papercut, but maybe not. I too would be excited to receive such a card. You have given me the shove Ineeded to request a new card to send on Postcrossing. Thanks.

  4. So unique. I thought it was not a postcard. ^^<br /><br />And that boy&#39;s choir I bought of a CD of that in China. Nice to see and read more about the home of those boys choir.<br /><br />Happy PFF, Sis!

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