Postcard Friendship Friday 031: The scenic Yosemite National Park

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Oh, what a bummer – it’s already Friday night and I just remembered I haven’t posted my PFF entry today. I was skimming through the dozens of laptop reviews earlier and I got lost track of time.  Here it is, a vintage postcard of Yosemite National Park in California. It shows the breath-taking view of Yosemite from the Inspiration Point. I think this is one of the most photographed views of the park and the one that visitors could never forget.



This postcard was sent by Ralph, of Maryland USA. He took his family to Yosemite National Park in January and they all enjoyed their stay there.

Yosemite National Park lies in the heart of California. With its ‘hanging’ valleys, many waterfalls, cirque lakes, polished domes, moraines and U-shaped valleys, it provides an excellent overview of all kinds of granite relief fashioned by glaciation. At 600–4,000 m, a great variety of flora and fauna can also be found here. Designated as a World Heritage Site in 1984.


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