Pink Saturday 011: A Khmer wedding reception

Pink Saturday


This is a repost from my photo blog – Inside Cambodia

The wedding banquet happens here – you enter in this marquee bedecked with tafetta, yellow, pink, white flowers, and golden and silver banana bunches (they’re for good luck and happiness, old folks say).

Khmer weddings are usually pomp and looooong affairs with many rites performed. I asked my local friends about the meaning of the rites but they can’t fully explain the whole thing so I turned on to the Internet to learn more.  If you’d like to know more about Khmer weddings, I found this very informative online site describing all the rituals and pomp – The Wedding Rites in Cambodia.

By the way, don’t forget – it’s Pink Saturday’s third birthday anniversary next week!

3 thoughts on “Pink Saturday 011: A Khmer wedding reception

  1. I am so happy you shared this again. I had never seen it. I find it most interesting seeing the different wys different countries carry out a tradition.

  2. Willa, anything goes! Walang theme-theme. The more colour, the more bongga the wedding! LOL.<br /><br />LV, you are welcome. I should post a photo where the wedding rites take place, usually in the bride&#39;s house. More colourful and extravagant.

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